Our focus

The true benefit is the right partnership.
Strategic Planning

Thoughtful long term planning and funding strategies that fit the needs of your employees and supports your business goals.

Benefits Administration

Tools and resources that increase efficiency and take the monotony out of benefits administration.

Employee Engagement

Strengthen employee health, engagement and performance with proven communication and wellness strategies.

Tech Forward Compliance & Enrollment

Relevant HR, Risk Management and Compliance resources at your fingertips, HR expertise on-demand and online enrollment intranet for easy communication and administration.

About US

We believe we hold the key to success, your success.
Why Willis & Associates?

We are driven by a larger focus and uncover opportunities to create better business solutions rather than just placing benefits. Although our team is highly skilled in the purposeful productivity of a traditional benefit broker, we also integrate the strategic mindset of human resource professionals and the tactical operational expertise of business solutions consultants to create a unique experience that complements and enhances your business goals. We invite you to learn more about our team and how we drive organizational performance.

  • 32% of Business Plans Audited by the DOL Receive Fines of over $10,000

    You can rest easy with our regular compliance newsletters, articles, action plans & support to keep you up to date and in the know.

  • 89% of employees expect decision making tools during open enrollment

    Our decision support tools match your industry, region and company size from a plan design and perspective. We’ll provide Medical & Rx Analytics, Employee Retention plans and Open Enrollment assistance specified to your business needs and goals.

  • 54% of employees say selecting a health plan is more complicated than solving a Rubik’s cube

    Take the guess work out of plan selection and simplify your day-to-day with our streamlined online enrollment, vacation tracking and more on a customized intranet site.

  • 100% of Employers Recognize They Need Strong Business Partners

    Critically important to stay competitive.

Meet Our Team

Creating programs that empower your people.
Fay E. Willis
Fay E. Willis
CFO/Broker/ACA Certified
As CFO and Broker at Willis & Associates LLC, Fay E. Willis has more than 23 years of experience in strategic benefits planning and placement in the group and individual market. Fay is ACA Certified through NAHU. Click Fay’s name below to read the full bio.
Debbie Abraham
Debbie Abraham
A managing business partner of Willis & Associates LLC, Debbie has over 12 years of group and individual health insurance experience in Arizona working with clients of all sizes and industries. Click Debbie’s name below to read the full bio.

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